Week of July 27

Steve Yeager – Ballad For Milt – Collective Vibe – Self Released

John Wojciechowski – The Leaves Fall to the Ground – Swing of the Pendulum – Afar Music

Ben Miller – Internal Eyes – Feathers of MA`AT – TRRcollective

Danny Jonokuchi Big Band – The One I Love (Belongs to Somebody Else) Feat. Alexa Barchini – Voices – Outside in Music

Terell Stafford – Two Hearts As One – Between Two Worlds – Le Coq Records

Jason Kao Hwang Critical Response – Friends Forever – Book of Stories – True Sound Recording

The B Roads – Some things you never get over – Anywhere You Want – Self Released

Stephen Jones & Ben Haugland – Milestones – Road to Nowhere – OA2 Records

Kansas City Jazz Orchestra – Blue Cheese – In The Key of KC – KCJ Records

Anthony E Nelson Jr – Why Did I Choose You – Swinging Sunset – Musicstand Records