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Jazz Happening Now, launched in 2015 on public radio, is an example of how immediate radio can be. Every week we spotlight the very newest jazz music and the living artists who are writing, playing and recording it.

This is the music and these are the artists jazz listeners will still be talking about in 20 or 30 years. Young and old, these musicians are redefining and reimagining America’s great musical contribution to the world. Listeners will hear the ongoing evolution of jazz on Jazz Happening Now. We think the future of jazz is bright and even thrilling. We hope you will agree.

“I was thinking about what would honestly bring people to this music, and it’s hearing something young. Because young people have always been the pioneers of this music. People become great masters as they age, but it’s something that they did when they were young that everybody caught onto and connected with.”

Theo Croker, NY Times 1 February 2023

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Jazz Happening Now Featured Video

And That Too - new from trumpeter Josh Lawrence

And That Too is the fifth studio record from trumpeter and composer Josh Lawrence. Eight brilliant performances by Josh's band of deep and solid jazz players; Willie Morris on tenor sax, pianist Art Hirahara, bassist Boris Kozlov, along with Rudy Royston and Jason Tiemann on drums. Lawrence displays his skill as player, composer, and band leader in this collection of engaging new performances.

Your music on jazz happening now

Are you a jazz musician with a new record you want the world to hear? We accept submissions of new jazz for airplay. No record promoter is required to have your music considered. The only requirements: quality, musicianship and originality. Our mission is to support and encourage the creation of fresh new jazz. Your new music could be broadcast and streamed worldwide on the PRX network.

We do not accept physical copies. In the interest of everyone’s safety, your budget, and the environment, only digital submissions are accepted. We accept studio quality recordings, in .wav, .mp3, .mp4, or .aiff file formats, delivered by download. Files must be properly named and accompanied by a one-sheet of information about you and your music. Questions? Contact us through the contact form below. We look forward to hearing your new music.

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