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Coming April 30 2021

Jazz Happening Now is partnering with UNESCO International Jazz Day 2021 and the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz to bring you all the latest information about this year’s global event. Plans are still in the works, but stop by here for regular updates and tune in Jazz Happening Now on PRX worldwide to hear music from this year’s participants.

For more information about UNESCO International Jazz Day 2021, visit their web site.

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There’s even more new jazz on public radio. Every weekend on the PRX network, Jeff Hanley hosts Jazz After Hours, 8 hours of fresh jazz programming. Jazz After Hours shines a bright light on the latest new jazz releases. It’s your chance to hear the most exciting emerging artists and new music from living legends who are still making music. Find a station airing the show, or listen to the on demand stream at jazzafterhours.net.

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Your music on Jazz Happening Now

Are you a jazz musician with a new record you want the world to hear? We accept submissions of new jazz for airplay. No record promoter is required to have your music considered. The only requirements: quality, musicianship and originality. Our mission is to support and encourage the creation of fresh new jazz. Your new music could be broadcast and streamed worldwide on the PRX network.

We do not accept physical copies. In the interest of everyone’s safety, your budget, and the environment, only digital submissions are accepted. We accept studio quality recordings, in .wav, .mp3, .mp4, or .aiff file formats, delivered by download. Files must be properly named and accompanied by a one-sheet of information about you and your music. Questions? Contact us through the contact form below. We look forward to hearing your new music.

Photo of drummer Cory Cox by Anna Yatskevitch

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