Seth Weaver
Anguilla from Outside in Music Live at Pinch Recording Vol. 2

Seth WeaverAnguilla from Outside in Music Live at Pinch Recording Vol. 2

Anguilla | Outside in Music Live at Pinch Recording Vol. 2

From Seth:
“Anguilla” has gone through many forms in the past year… Originally a big band arrangement for another tune, I took pieces of it to form a brand new song when traveling to the Caribbean. I tried to make this tune as unique and beautifully haunting as the island itself.

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered at Pinch Recording by E Scott Lindner

Seth Weaver – Trombone
Paul Jones – Tenor Saxophone
Jason Yeager – Piano
Dave Baron – Bass
Jimmy Macbride – Drums

NEW YORK CITY, NY: Jazz record label and media company Outside in Music launches its third iteration of the “Outside in Experience” in collaboration with Long Island City Recording Studio Pinch Recording. The “Outside in Experience” is a label showcase that features bandleaders from the label’s rapidly growing catalogue of jazz’s brightest up and comers from all different corners of the scene.

“Outside in Music Live at Pinch Recording Volume 2” (OiM 2037) provides ten original compositions from ten bandleader/composers on the Outside in Music roster, recorded live at Long Island City recording studio Pinch Recording. The project is a collaboration between OiM and Pinch to feature the artistry of the composers and feature new additions to the studio’s arsenal of equipment to be able to capture acoustic jazz at its best.

“I’m committed to creating a platform for our artists to be able to share their art with the world on a more regular basis” commented label founder Nick Finzer. “To stay relevant in today’s rapidly moving social media culture, we have to keep up with the times by releasing content at the speed that audiences want to consume music. One album every few years simply won’t cut it anymore.” This ambitious plan has lead to three sessions over the last three years that feature the musicians from the label’s roster collaborating with one another sharing their compositions both new and reimagined for this one-day only session. “It’s a really special thing to get so many great artists in one place” says Finzer “the spirit of the music truly comes alive when we’re all working together towards a common goal, helping realize each other’s artistic visions.”

OiM Live at Pinch Vol 2 recording yielded ten original compositions and will be released as a digital-only Album available on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Bandcamp et al, on November 20th, 2020. Additionally each composition will be featured on social media across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram as live-in-studio videos available each week via Outside in Music’s media channels

The session features trombonist Michael Wang (Bone of the Wang Volume One), trombonist Nick Finzer (Cast of Characters, Hear & Now, Live in NYC), Saxophonist Peter Anderson (Featuring Jimmy Cobb:), saxophonist Will Anderson (Featuring: Jimmy Cobb), trombonist Nick Grinder (Farallon), trombonist Seth Weaver (Truth), saxophonist Caleb Curtis (New Year), saxophonist Paul Jones (Let’s Get Tropical, Clean), saxophonist Lluc Casares (Sketches Overseas), Martina DaSilva (A Very ChimyTina Christmas), pianist Jason Yeager (New Songs of Resistance), pianist Kengchakaj (Lak Lan), bassist André Carvalho (The Garden of Earthly Delights), bassist Dan Chmielinski (A Very ChimyTina Christmas), drummer Dan Pugach (Dan Pugach Nonet: Plus One), bassist Dave Baron (Introducing Dave Baron), drummer Michel Maurer (The Shape of Noon), drummer Jimmy Macbride

OUTSIDE IN MUSIC is a record label and media company that exists to serve musicians, a community that strives to lift its artists above the noise of the 21st-century music industry and make music that expresses the sounds of today’s wide-ranging jazz and creative music scene.