Rembrandt Trio
Mélodie Antique from new album A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through the World

Rembrandt TrioMélodie Antique from  new album A Wind Invisible Sweeps Us Through the World

Rembrandt Frerichs – piano & organ
Tony Overwater – bass
Vinsent Planjer – drums and percussion

After playing together for more than fifteen years, travelling the world to perform across continents and soaking up many different musical cultures along the way, the Rembrandt Trio recorded their seventh album together during the pandemic in early 2021. In two full days, in a former church filled with various antique organs, the musicians chose compositions that had a universal quality about them. Taking the melody as their guide, and keeping in mind their shared experience on stages across the globe, they played compositions that felt timeless, and could connect across cultures.

‘Melodie Antique’ is the first single off their album, and in it we can hear this idea of timeless melodies played out. A driving 6/8 groove lays the groundwork for a melody that quickly bridges a few modes without us even noticing, and leads us from minor to major and back again – a winding story that takes us through different eras of music. Without being able to pinpoint exactly where a melody like this could have originated, we can imagine parts of it in Early and Renaissance Music, whereas the overall approach also brings to mind more modern singer-songwriter type song structures. An ancient melody that has the power to linger around forever, and could speak to anyone, no matter their cultural heritage.