New Alchemy Jazz Orchestra
studio performance of You Go To My Head

New Alchemy Jazz Orchestrastudio performance of You Go To My Head

You Go To My Head, arranged for the New Alchemy Jazz Orchestra by Saxophonist and Co-Leader Steve Kortyka, is a haunting and original take on a familiar classic. Featured throughout are vocals by Alexa Barchini, as well as an inspired solo chorus by Tenor Saxophonist Jonathan Beshay.


Steve Kortyka: Co-Leader
Jordan Pettay
Jon Beshay
Jeremy Powell
Josh Lee

Mike Sailors: Co-Leader
John Lake: Co-Leader
Jason Prover
David Adewumi

Rob Edwards
Jimmy O’Connell
Nick Grinder
Jennifer Wharton

Miki Yamanaka – Piano
Dylan Shamat – Bass
Andy Watson – Drums

Composer: J. Fred Coots
Lyrics: Haven Gillespie
Arrangement by Steve Kortyka
Producer: Danny Jonokuchi
Recording Engineer: Jason Rostkowski
Mix Engineer: Jason Rostkowski
Mastering Engineer: Josh Giunta

Recorded at GSI Studios in New York City
Released by Outside In Music