Cyrus Chestnut and Affirmation
Featured at the East Coast Jazz Festival March 20

Cyrus Chestnut and AffirmationFeatured at the East Coast Jazz Festival March 20

A collection of the most beloved and well-known jazz clubs on the East Coast have banded together for the first time ever to create a multi-city East Coast Jazz Festival, which will take place online on Saturday, March 20th from 5 to 11 p.m. The proprietors of Scullers Jazz Club in Boston, Smalls and Birdland in New York, Chris’ Jazz Café in Philadelphia, Keystone Korner in Baltimore and Blues Alley in Washington, DC began planning this all-virtual jazz fest at the start of 2021, and the music will flow live with some pre-recorded sessions mixed in from six different stages, and will showcase the talents of more than 60 of the most renown and respected jazz talents of our time.

“Our music can be an indispensable spiritual life raft for our turbulent times when we need more sharing and caring than ever. May this important ECJF collaboration be just the beginning of an ever-growing process and practice of team work to make the dream work,” said Todd Barkan, NEA Jazz Master / Keystone Korner Baltimore.

Online guests will be able to flip back and forth from one venue to another to check out each club’s shows. Click Here to Pre-Register:…​

LIFE-AFFIRMING. We could not be more grateful about the deeply swinging and soulful music that Cyrus Chestnut, Tim Green, Obasi Akoto, and Eric Kennedy are sharing with us as they lift our spirits with every note at Keystone Korner Baltimore. This is truly music that makes the heart dance and our souls sing, no matter what the daunting challenges of our time. Eternal gratitude, faith, and enduring love… — Todd Barkan

Music Producer: Todd Barkan
Video Producer: Christopher Robinson,​
Recording Engineer: Gabe Petkaitis