Cowboys and Frenchmen
Where Is Your Wealth from new album Our Highway

Cowboys and FrenchmenWhere Is Your Wealth from new album Our Highway

“Where Is Your Wealth?” is a track from Cowboys and Frenchmen’s trio album Our Highway, now on Jazz After Hours and officially released February 26, 2021 on Outside In Music.

Featuring saxophonist/co-founders Ethan Helm and Owen Broder, pianist Addison Frei, bassist Ethan O’Reilly and drummer Matt Honor, the project captures contemporary America through the perspective of traveling jazz musicians, inspired by five years of touring throughout the United States. And like a highway, the 45-minute musical experience is a non-stop journey through communities, opinions, and modes of expression blended together.

Our Highway is available via an audio-only digital edition and as a video album live-streaming through partner venues.